Central Huijin Investment Ltd. ("Central Huijin") is a state-owned investment company incorporated in accordance with China's Company Law.

    Central Huijin, which is headquartered in Beijing, was established in December 2003 and mandated to exercise the rights and the obligations as an investor in major state-owned financial enterprises, on behalf of the People's Republic of China ("State"). In September 2007, the Ministry of Finance issued special treasury bonds and acquired all the shares of Central Huijin from the People's Bank of China. The acquired shares were injected into China Investment Corporation ("CIC") as part of its initial capital contribution. However, Central Huijin's principal shareholder rights are exercised by the State Council of the People's Republic of China ("State Council"). The members of Central Huijin's Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors are appointed by and are accountable to the State Council.

    Central Huijin, in accordance with authorization by the State Council, makes equity investments in major state-owned financial enterprises, and shall, to the extent of its capital contribution, exercise the rights and perform the obligations as an investor on behalf of the State in accordance with applicable laws, to achieve the goal of preserving and enhancing the value of state-owned financial assets. Central Huijin does not conduct any other business or commercial activity. It does not intervene in the day-to-day business operations of the firms in which it invests.

    By the end of December 2020, Central Huijin held stakes in the institutions listed below: China Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Agricultural Bank of China Limited, Bank of China Limited, China Construction Bank Corporation, China Everbright Group Limited, Hengfeng Bank Co., Ltd., China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation, New China Life Insurance Company Co., Ltd., China Jianyin Investment Limited, China Galaxy Financial Holding Company Limited, Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd., China International Capital Corporation Limited, China Securities Co., Ltd., China Galaxy Asset Management Co.Ltd.,Guotai Junan Investment Management Co., Ltd.

    CIC holds the shares of Central Huijin in accordance with relevant directive issued by the State Council. However, the investment business of CIC and the share management function conducted on behalf of the State by Central Huijin are completely separated.


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